How to give stuff away for profit!

I was just talking to a group of enlightened entrepreneurs who are refusing to lie down and suffer the consequences of the economic downturn. One of their crunch-busting techniques is as old as the hills, but they’ve recently refined it to an art form.

It’s called giving stuff away!

You know the lovely warm feeling when you pull on a pair of jeans you haven’t worn for ages and find a ten pound note (ten dollar bill for you Yanks…) in the pocket? And don’t those free deli samples in Sainsbury’s/Walmart taste so much better than the same thing you actually buy?

Well, that’s how your customers feel when they get more than they are expecting from you.

So, imagine how your prospects will respond to your marketing when they receive a free gift – without even making a purchase!

Giving “more” is a simple, inexpensive way to instantly improve your relationship with both customers and prospects.

Ideas for gifts… that cost you nothing!

1: Free reports, info packs, fact sheets and market analysis: these can all be made available online or by email to really slash the costs of delivery.

2: Newsletters: regular info and offer-packed communiqués to your database of prospects and customers.

3: Industry specific freebies: appeal to who you’re trying to sell to: recipes, sports tips, discount coupons, travel guides.

4: Trial offers: get them using your products for free and they’ll often need or want to continue and pay.

5: Buy one, get one free: this really does cost you nothing, providing your gross margin is more than 50%!

Ideas for gifts… that cost you a small amount

1: Company-branded items: hats, water bottles, mouse pads, pens etc

2: Non-related materials: stuffed animals, chocolates, alcohol, sports tickets

3: One of your products or services at no cost to them

4: Rewards for referrals or recommendations

5: Calendars and diaries: clichéd, corny, but nothing lasts a whole year like something with 12 months of dates on it!

The return on your “gift” investment could be worth thousands of pounds/dollars in sales. Make that extra effort and give your customers more than they are expecting.

Now I’m going to give you something free, with no strings attached!

Simply add a comment to this post telling me why you need a 30-minute mentoring session with Jonny Cooper! We can talk about your business plans, goals and issues. Yes folks, a complimentary half-hour of power with me via Skype or phone! I look forward to talking to you. Jonny.


2 thoughts on “How to give stuff away for profit!

  1. Hi Jonny Cooper,

    My name is Aaron Stafford, I am a student at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell (USA). I recently started a real-estate investment and development company.

    I’ve been putting in 80+ hour work weeks so far, and after two months I’m coming close to landing some really profitable deals. For a college student, having a $70,000 profit deal after two months is pretty exciting. Although I’ve really big dreams and goals, in the grand scheme of things, $70,000 really isn’t that much compared to what my goals are.

    I would like to get some insite on how to improve my productivity and become more efficient with my time to put my business at 500,000 dollars in revenue by the end of the first year, March 1, 2013.

    I’d like advice on when to start leveraging my time by hiring employees/interns to work for me. I believe the business needs to be as systemized as possible so new employees can simply plug in, and follow a system. I want to create a wealth machine so easy to run, that college students with no background could do 90% of it. As of now, I’ve two contractors residing in the Philippines whom I’ve outsourced research work to. The work is cheap, but the quality isn’t up to par with what I want in the long term. Do you have any ideas on how to get this business jump started? I look forward to your response and when I have my business running, I want to fly to Europe to meet you and thank you for your help!

    Best regards,

    Aaron Stafford
    (508) 523-2966


  2. Hey Aaron, Thanks for reading the blog, and for reaching out to me. I’m pretty sure there’d be lots of good ideas we could discuss to get you where you need to be, and I’m equally sure I could learn some new tricks from you too! We should arrange a Skype call sometime soon to get things rolling. jon.cooper.ibd is my Skype handle. Link up with me and we’ll talk. Jonny


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