About Jonny

Jon Cooper facepic

Jonny Cooper is the founder of http://www.thesuccessparty.com and one of the UK’s most prolific growth coaches.

Since building his own professional services firm to a £10M turnover prior to a sale in 2003, Jonny has been helping other people’s businesses grow and prosper.

Finding and retaining customers  is the holy grail for all SMEs. There’s either not enough customers, or almost always not enough of the RIGHT customers, and Jonny has a unique insight into how every business should connect its way to success, bringing calm, enjoyment and wealth to its owners and staff.

Jonny has a number of ways for you to benefit from his skills and experience, from a light touch to full board involvement.

You can email Jonny with your thoughts, comments and requests for growth coaching, digital marketing and exit strategies via jonny@thesuccessparty.com

2 thoughts on “About Jonny

  1. yellehughes says:

    Love the bio, funny and straight to the point. Keep posting stuff like this and your followers will grow in no time. I need to follow my own advice 🙂


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